The Heart Behind Woven and Wool

Megan CampbellGrowing up in the southern United States, Megan was taught the art of embroidery at a young age by her grandmothers. She continued learning about embroidery while receiving a bachelors degree in textile design. After years in the corporate world, Megan decided to start her own hand embroidery business to inspire others to slow down and create. She enjoys bringing a modern twist to her DIY Embroidery kits while keeping true to the classic stitches she’s grown to love. Woven and Wool has also added Megan's designs as laser-engraved accessories, such as keychains and ornaments. All of the DIY kits are created with a beginner in mind. The stitches are simple and each kit comes with an illustrated guide to walk you through the project. These beginner kits come with all of the necessary supplies and instill a love of creating a work of art. The stitches included are simple but added together they can create a complex work of art. Embroidery kits work as an excellent form of self-care and encourage the artist to pause, clear their mind, and create.